ina and i laughed at this petit gourmand.

eating ice cream is emotional and engages the whole body!


by the way, i am selling clothes at syrrans garderob!

30.05.2014 kl. 10:10

summer holiday

sun, sea, sausage, SUP, smiles = summer

ina got paid for the second cup of coffee!


the café actually has its own potato land in this flower box <3

and people buy or bring their own sausage to grill.

looks good. i'm happy to have found delicious vegan versions. they even look the same, so i can belong to the "sausage gang" this summer!

another thing which i definitely want to try this season is SUPping! they even have some for rent at the café.

i'm currently more active on instagram, so please follow me there as well :)

29.05.2014 kl. 09:51

warm inside out

​i seem to celebrate summer vacation - also from blogging.

but here finally comes the grande finale of the congress in cologne.

i love spending time in the summer heat outside, but (new) friends actually will trigger our hearts to produce some heat by themselves. 

the last evening we hired a whole bar to organise an auction.
all delegations brought a bucket of specialities from the homecountry to raise money for fejs.

i brought mignon eggs, reindeer ryebread crisps and marimekko napkins ...

finland + turkey gave the highest bid on the german package, and here you see what i got to carry home ;)

25.05.2014 kl. 23:24



fejs was all about networking and to create social webs. 
but i also happened to unravel some personal meshes.  

mari found this spooky tree with spider? webs.

i took a walk alone and reflected about everything under the sky.

... but of course it was not deep intellectual talking or thinking all the time.
while mari visited a french style bakery i captured this huge bread cow ;)

22.05.2014 kl. 23:32

faces of fejs

the best thing about fejs were the friends i made there. 

we had a great finnish delegation on 5 girls - but none of us knew each other from before!

i had a spent a lot of time with empathetic mari. here we are badasses skipping a lecture to eat strawberries in the sun ;)

girls going out.

21.05.2014 kl. 22:30

the locals

travelling is nothing without people watching.

cool "colognials"

my blog still breathes german air, but i already celebrate summer holiday in esbo. now it's time for my brother's birthday party!

today i was a guest in the radio talk show pia & peter on the channel vega. i enjoyed the relaxed and inviting atmosphere in the studio.
you can listen to me afterwards here (but only in finland i think). i'm there during the whole show, but i'm introduced at 18:10.


18.05.2014 kl. 19:19

journalists going nuts?

reflecting over my experiences in cologne.

could this be the trip in a nutshell: the dome, spooky skulls and a journalist?
well, maybe not the skulls (although i adore them)
... and the nut needs to be a bit bigger to fit all the other 99 journalists as well ;)

so, the fejs congress i cologne is hard to summarize with a few subjectives, but i'll try with 3 adjectives instead:
inspiring, social and exhausting.

18.05.2014 kl. 17:17

cologne city

we had a free afternoon to do some "home work". when it was done i took some time to stroll around sunny cologne

i found a mix&match müsli shop!
a pity that they ran out of all the glutenfree ones. it would have been the perfect gift for mom.

17.05.2014 kl. 16:30

cologne's clichés

the phone camera is just perfect for capturing clichés.


15.05.2014 kl. 20:30

cool cologne

the sunny day made me long for frozen yoghurt, but they were out of lactose free in the two bars i ran in to.

the journalism congress in cologne started out promisingly. i spotted two dalmatians on the street ... and later in a shop!

14.05.2014 kl. 19:19

glada vappen in berlin

although the germans don't actually celebrate the 30th of april as we do, the whole city was full of life out on the streets all evening.

but what i disliked was all the tobacco. they should take example of thailand where national campaigns have been successful. the only people there i saw smoking where farangs, foreigners.

the bars looked however cosy and chill unlike many of our drunken places ;)

candlelight <3
i appreciate finnish safety, but forbidding candles (in many situations) is too much.

where is the ambiance in a sterile and perfectly safe place?

bringing arts and culture to hospitals, schools and backyards adds life quality.

13.05.2014 kl. 18:18

rooftop party

sipping some vitamins with my new friend ugi. then good old janccu joined from school.


plants everywhere, so i asked ugi who takes care of them?
- everyone. 
i wish this system would work in helsinki as well.
here's a neighbour in action!

12.05.2014 kl. 16:31

my way to play

i dragged my guide ugi to the photography playground in berlin.

fantastic light sculptures and optical illusions.


you didn't know that i also freelance as spiderwoman?

behind the epilectic curtains.


i see the light.


and a chameleon granny who fits into all situations.


08.05.2014 kl. 22:47

berlin by bike

climbing on a bike messenger.

around his corner i saw this cosy italian restaurant.

my host janccu outside my guide ugi's home in hip kreuzberg

i spotted skeletons in the windows. my fetisch.

love the architectural variety in berlin. 

jungle homes and roof chilling.

05.05.2014 kl. 13:13

turquoise sun rays

i wouldn't mind having my entire spring wardrobe from cos.
here are some window mannequins showing the sleek fashion of this season.

next door there is another source of inspiration.

shopping gifts made me hungry.

i turned tölö into asia with spicy
quorn-buckweat noodle wok 

... and continued across the pacific ocean with a carribean sweet potato-banana stew. 

attn! only the first portions ;) 

28.04.2014 kl. 11:11

springtime sadness

i am not one of the 10 handpicked participants of the photojournalism programme in aarhus.
of course i feel sad since it was, and still is, my dream.

luckily mommy was there to cheer me up. 
we celebrated the day of books and roses over lunch at our favourite café. 

the apple does not fall far from the tree ...
we both arrived a bit shameful with ugly plastic bags as the only wrapping.

inside both bags were cooking books ;)
mine about raw cakes and her's about salads.

luckily there are bright spots among the grey feeling of disappointment.
as plåster på såren mom didn't ask whether i also want a sweet piece of cake - she just bought two to share <3

i will not give up on aarhus, i just have to sort out my future right now.

27.04.2014 kl. 10:10

i am rich

i have known
luna since kindergarden:

maria since school started:

and i just met lilian and we share a lot of interests.

she showed me the café sininen huvila as we walked around tölöviken. i must have been blind to have lived in tölö for 1,5 years without noticing what a great place for a break it is.

feeling rich since i have met so many friends this week that are worth their weight in gold.

sometimes time just ran away and i didn't bother to distort a good moment by looking through the lenses instead of my own eyes. social experiences cannot be reproduced even with the very best camera.

26.04.2014 kl. 18:47

summertime madness

already in april :D

the bridge was full of fishermen and -women.

while i and cami walked around drumsö, some people sunbathed halfnaked. 

by the way, i love my lumia's camera, so handy and fun!

25.04.2014 kl. 21:18


masculine vibes from "dude island" made atte jump like a ninja.


who's gonna win this battle?

24.04.2014 kl. 08:08



i really hope this new area will give a facelift to helsinki. not that i don't like it now, but it's never good to stagnate

23.04.2014 kl. 22:22

mount dude

we climb a hill of stones for better psysical effort to climb this mountain, but it's never wrong to take a coffee break.

23.04.2014 kl. 10:10



sea, salt, smile, sand, sun, shore, steel, stone.

hello esa.




22.04.2014 kl. 21:21


sometimes i believe in gods - the weather gods - who blowed the first heat wave towards helsinki just in time for easter and our photowalk.



i made new friends and met lauri and atte who inspired me to start blogging.only me and the dudes shot photos. but we walked on jätkäsaari, the dude island, after all.

20.04.2014 kl. 21:43

urban easter


hanging at my hoods.

21.04.2014 kl. 16:16

good morning

what could be better than this?



too hot for jacket



prime time with godson


and lots of fun plans today!

it's not that bad to be left "alone" for easter? i thought i would get bored, but you know me ;) 

21.04.2014 kl. 07:07

company cravings

this easter is different. i usually spend a lot of time with my family, but my parents are photographing foreign nature. 
this means time to catch up with friends, such as this philosophizing ballet dancer.

it is easy to feel lonely during holidays when everyone else seem so occupied with family dinners and traditions.
i have no special decorations this year, but got my share of good old easter at my grand parents house the other day.

20.04.2014 kl. 11:11

hamster wheel

easter awakes some thoughts.
is someone keeping a safe eye on us from above?

or are we marionettes in a game called tellus?

driven like hamsters in a wheel?
like in henrik vibskovs human laundry service.

i belong to the church, love the christmas mood and i'm proud to have a godson to take out for a easter froyo brunch at yobot. but i wouldn't call me a christian. i want to have a wider view of the world.

19.04.2014 kl. 13:13

vibskov gives me vibes


ecological, local, experimential, fair, classic haute couture & design in turquoise - that's what i and anni see danish design accelerated my danmark fever - can't wait to know if i will move there in august!


reflecting over falling flamingos

18.04.2014 kl. 21:21

things i like

i have been a bit tired despite this awesome weather and a not-too-full calendar.

last week ina and i baked a veggie taco pie in my terrible oven ;). but it turned out yummy.

yesterday i met up with my best art exhibition company: anniwe both fell in love with this anorak of finnish design. 

after that i biked to sörnäs to see a play that focuses on portraying humanity through movements and behaviour. among the actors are two uni friends.

still two shows left on saturday, but be quick if you want the cheap tickets!

18.04.2014 kl. 10:58

instagram = irritation or inspiration?

i was against instagram ever since it started. to post retro images with light leak effects felt like cheezy cheating. i did the real thing with my plastic film camera diana

but i haven't played with her since i became petitemu. developing films is expensive nowadays and i got thrilled by the speed and easiness of shooting only digital.

my new yellow aquaintance constantly blipped about an awesome app called instagram
fine then. jepardqvist is in the house!

consious cycling.


better than b&j.

am i throwing out an old toy for the new mainstream one?

i hope not.
diana will always be my number 1 and is great company at summer parties for example.

11.04.2014 kl. 20:58


while waiting for my 9-year old kiddoes to arrive to my lecture about refugees in uganda, i felt like becoming small again. luckily i have a new toy to play with.

i have had a fetisch for neon these past grey months, and i don't fell like stopping.

today i will host a studio debate in tv, so jump into the coach and watch me here.

09.04.2014 kl. 11:11


now i almost regret that i cut my hair. otherwise i would have got a nice hairdo while sitting in a 50s salon.

i cued a while for some makeup, but then realised i was spending the evening all alone.

i would have waited for sure if mr brylcreem would have been waiting for me ;)

10.04.2014 kl. 20:20

fashion mingle

finnish skiing fashion certainly has changed.

but the round pair of sunglasses could be mine. my brother calls my ossy ;)

guess who these lovely legs belongs to?

who else than the winner of the costume competition.

these 1st row-ladies were pretty from all perspectives:

09.04.2014 kl. 21:21

with grace

helsinki couture from the 50s.


08.04.2014 kl. 20:20

good old times

i thought i took the tram, but it must have been the time machine.

everyone is longing for cool cuisine: hotdogs!

which is the odd one out?

answer: the smart phone.

i visited villa hagasund again. this time with a real touch of the fifties.

there was a costume competition. this handsome couple was crowned as most stylish.

even i made a small effort and came with dramatic eyes, an a-shaped dress, jewellery and half boots - just for fun. 

07.04.2014 kl. 20:17

diesel dude

time to wash the car - in a t-shirt when it's 4 degrees.


this was when i decided to put my wool scarf into the bag and celebrate spring.
say hello to mr motor.
i guess he's jätkä enough for jätkäsaari.

06.04.2014 kl. 20:20

ecological fallacy at busholmen

busholmen is probably the oddest part of helsinki. i travelled there to buy a new phone and to take a look at the helsinki photo biennale in galleria huuto.

i have seen a sneakpeak of the biennale also in the photomuseum, but the rest parts are still on my todo-list. this year's theme is a fascinating one: ecological fallacy.

today i also heard a lecture about refugees by a swedish digging journalist. interesting, informatic and important.

there i was served a delicious bowl of fish soup. why haven't i eaten it for ages?

another professional idol of mine is jeanette björkqvist. she tried out as a playwright, which i wrote an article about in ny tid a while ago.

this week i got to see the performance kvinna till salu about sex trafficking.
like a horror movie - but true

05.04.2014 kl. 20:22


my old girl's gang is like sisters for me. we had a lazy sunday brunch in our childhood hoods.

cami i have known all my life, allu since school started, jonna from 3rd grade and ina joined at 7th grade.

the rest of the best life elsewhere in finland and abroad.

i felt a bit weak, so drank a super C in my favourite colour.

expectations. jonna (far left) and allu (bottom right) flew the same day to budapest for an interrail across europe.
i wish you all the best!

then i took a look at the emma museum's temporary exhibitions.

i <3 the combo of fresh organic food, cool company, concrete architecture and modern art.


03.04.2014 kl. 21:21


i already have denmark fever, even before i know if i have the chance to move there. 

i sent in an application to study photojournalism in aarhus.

please keep your fingers crossed while checking out my portfolio.

in aarhus they have a perfect exhange programme, but ...

the big but is the fierce competition. they actually require at least one year's studies in photojournalism - impossible here in finland.

here are some oldies from a family trip to copenhagen in december 2011




02.04.2014 kl. 19:19

birds song

a walk from uni/work together with this lady last thursday.

we heard birds singing in the evening sun and these pics are from the place named the birds song.
i will spend monday evening in this old people's home. i'm doing a publication for the foundation.

31.03.2014 kl. 19:14


you can be big and tall - and base it on veggies!

27.03.2014 kl. 20:32

pink stars

why see red when you can see pink?

i have been back in snowy sunny stressy finland for 2,5 weeks already, but this is my way to keep on relaxing in bangsaen.

22.03.2014 kl. 16:16

sneaking around burapha university

chilling in the museum shop.

we didn't dare to sneak into the actual university corridors because of all the guards.

but i wouldn't mind to be one of the over 46 thousand students at the university.

do i have time to apply for an exchange programme here next autumn? just in case i'm not accepted to aarhus.

just passing by a health exhibition.
we didn't understand any of the information, but i hope this wasn't a mirror that shows ideal health - i look more like being tortured in a rack ;)

20.03.2014 kl. 05:06

there's something fishy

there are not many museums in bangsaen, but the university is specialised in marine biology.

looking at aquariums is fun whatever age you are.

the stingrays are my favourites!

luna and the mola mola.

19.03.2014 kl. 21:40

living like the locals

la mode de bangsaen.

luna was the bravest. she just pointed and ordered something, while i involved a whole crew of street chefs to order meatless and my pet.

luna's lunch turned out to be delicious and very spicy, mine more safe, less cheap but tasty.

to cool down our tongues we ordered thai style icecream served from a coconut.
once again luna dared to take all toppings included.


18.03.2014 kl. 10:10


my makeover might be fierce, but hopefully not to this extent?

17.03.2014 kl. 03:03

walking street

the weekend street market at bangsaen beach.

bangsaen lacks foreign tourists, but bangkokers drive down here to relax, eat seafood and enjoy the ocean during the weekends.

music - thai people can't stand silence.

i tried a comfy and nice dress, but it was too romantic for me. 

this made me smile:

16.03.2014 kl. 08:55

street food


walking, eating, shopping, eating, talking, eating ...

choose between: sushi, colourful bananas, cakes, fruit candy, spicy noodle wok ...

on my plate: a vegetarian tofu "omelette" with vegetables
and sweet white ice tea with chrysanthemum

hungry dancers ...

and brave farangs!
we tried 1 fried grasshopper each. it was tickling my throat but luna liked it.

15.03.2014 kl. 07:07

the makeover

friday is a perfect day for a makeover.

step 1. here is a hint:

no, not a tattoo!

but it was exiting enough to make a new piercing without common language or methods.

i have no idea how he made it, but i guess it was with a needle

i was afraid to end up with a huge hole in the wrong place, but i'm completely satisfied.

next step was at the hairdresser's. i have never let someone random cut my hair before.

she cut less than i wanted, but better so. it was cheap and friendly.
less than 8 euros for me and my aunt.

yeah - here is mr piercing again!
luckily i got phompens son and half of his class to assist me.

14.03.2014 kl. 11:11

arfternoon market

another nearby market.

i had to try an octopus sushi.

i bought a new towel for the gym: with stitch!

belly bag with skeletons, cheap sunglasses and green lipstick.

13.03.2014 kl. 05:05

shop 'til u drop

we jumped on a scooter to the big mall, but they foxed us to pay more! luckily it was on our way there and not later with emptier wallets ;)

we shopped cheap clothes and shoes, but kept us going with fresh food.

but enough is enough.
i "dropped" of the bus for a massage and luna went straight home.
11.03.2014 kl. 17:01

back in bangsaen

- i take a phramed luna, thank you!
how much? can i get any discount?

anything can be bought at a thai market.

this is the main street from the beach to the mall.
feels like home, i miss it already!

10.03.2014 kl. 10:10

four wise monkies

see no evil
say no evil
hear no evil ...

and do no evil?

at wat arun in bangkok.

09.03.2014 kl. 23:59

bangkok by night

the world's highest open air bar. we didn't visit - unfortunately ;)

a poor phone picture through the bus window, but it should show an intense forest fire on our way home. 

09.03.2014 kl. 16:21

wat arun

temple wat arun on the shore of the bangkok river.

i needed to hire some clothing to cover my legs whereas lisa and luna found other ways.

muscular and tall lisa looked rather riddiculous in my petite shirt ;)

the stairs to the temple felt like straight up towards heaven!

maybe noodle time after climbing the stairs?also the monks use collective traffic.

09.03.2014 kl. 09:09

bangkok after the bomb

directly after koh samet we headed for a one-day-trip to bangkok.

this was one day after the bombing. therefore we only hopped on and off the river boat at safe locations.

pim, luna and lisa. we really had a great time together <3

laugh as much as you breath and love as much as you live.

china town in bangkok was crazily cheap and fullpacked of goods.
we also ate lunch for 70 cents/person.

pim recommended me a new look and my company seem to have a fetisch with hats ;)

we drank pure pomegranate juice and lisa bought a dessert with coconut and colorful "worms".

more fooding.

08.03.2014 kl. 08:08


if i am honest i hated pattaya, but the floating market worth a visit!

helena the hat lady, dried scorpions, fresh veggie food and great company. we found a couple of new friends among the pensioneers at scandinavian village. this is lisa from sweden.
26.02.2014 kl. 02:02


everything can be sold at a thai market. even some hairy friends:

or a t-shirt with the swedish word for friend?!

25.02.2014 kl. 18:18

longing for luna

my friend flew outside europe for the first time and jumped directly on a motor bike for a thai massage!

then dried octopus at bangsaen beach - i'm proud of her!

25.02.2014 kl. 15:15


the markets is the heart of thailand.
people eat, meet, sell and shop at the thousands of markets you can find in every corner.

pottery market at the scandinavian village:

crazy thai couture and oyster omelette at the nearby evening market.

stina needed to cool down the pace with some ice cream.

25.02.2014 kl. 05:05

bikini hunting

i just had one ugly bikini, but buying a new in thailand is not as easy as i thought.
only tourists use them and bangsaen is genuinely thai.

but a beautiful mall in the next city had everything.

even a wedding fashion show!

24.02.2014 kl. 18:08

building a bigger bang saen

construction sites everywhere.
16.02.2014 kl. 01:01

city life

3 boutique "vendors"
a café van.

typical thai lady.


15.02.2014 kl. 15:15

young and vivid

bangsaen has a university with over 10 000 students. this brings fresh air to the hoods.

a spotted a furby (my favourite childhood toy from singapore) in a window!

the internet generation seem to be taking over this country as well ;)

100 % chocolate:

got inspiration to make hama bead jewellery - who wants to have a workshop with me :) ? 

i chatted with many students - all friendly, but few are fluent at english ... and my thai - let's not talk about it ;) 

i have a disease called journalism. that's why i have to research their market.

otherwise i have chosen to take a break from domestic and international news.
13.02.2014 kl. 13:13

live to eat

thai people seem to eat everywhere and anything.

it's not just about energy, it's a lifestyle.

i had to smell at the durian, but this one i won't dare to try!

13.02.2014 kl. 04:04

ready for departure

oh my
i'll fly
to thai
sigh (of gratitude)

mom organised a farewell dinner with memories of christmas

when i return i hope that this winter will be just a memory.

ultimate weather boredom today: grayness (only one shade), slush, rain and a cool wind.
perfect for packing, working, cleaning and eating well. 

09.02.2014 kl. 14:59

studio smocka

together with saga i hosted my 1st radio programme.

our small team of students has made it all: concept, content, music and technique, but it wasn't a piece of cake.

technical challenges, 13 hours working days and plans that change more often than i change socks.

our "radio mom" malin made this utterly serious poster:

we celebrated this rollercoaster week with croissants, fruits and sparkling
- during the night, in the morning, from glasses or from coffee mugs!

later i skyped with my aunt and started packing.

but i had to take a break and introduce anni to johan & nyström.
matcha latte, lemon cake and an engaging discussion.
she has not been accepted to the philosophy programme at cambridge without a reason.


07.02.2014 kl. 23:26

peter pan of the 21st century

why not bike away from conflicts, global warming and other worries?

or just throw the problems into the worry shredder!
i tried both of course ;)

these past weeks have been though but inspiring and the upcoming one is the final test.
i will host the uni radio among other things, but on sunday the big adventure begins:
3,5 weeks at my aunt's place in thailand!

02.02.2014 kl. 18:18

pink science

sometimes even i see science as bright, fun and dynamic - heureka!


why not learn starch digestion through ball games? 

or simulate cultivation or antigravity on mars: i really liked biology in school, but honestly never really cared about other scientific subjects. probably the formulas and the high level of abstraction scared me away. 

01.02.2014 kl. 22:22

accepting madness

... or is there even a clear border of madness? i think it is relative and can be just a healthy spice, but always lagom.

i did my 1st live radio reportage today and got a major psychosis 
... in a simulator at the world's 1st exhibition of mental problems!

it was kind of challenging when the interviewee appeared just 2 minutes before we went on air and the simulator actually started working a second after the red light went on.

improvisation really is cold shower for all senses and i enjoyed my 6 minutes of radio madness.

do you see someone familiar in this version of the scream ;) ?

i find this painting by edvard munch so fascinating that i actually wrote a short story based on it in 9th grade.

30.01.2014 kl. 22:50

morning maria

me and maria started at 7 am with "boba" yoga and continued for a calm breakfast at torre's

after school i waited for mom at superdry's sales.

i've always longed for a vest, but how and when do you use ut?
i've got no clue ... my fingers would probably fall off ;)

why so serious?
maybe because the next moment i left my phone for a "sleepover" at a café ...

19.01.2014 kl. 22:57

solid sea

17.01.2014 kl. 19:39

urban winter

17.01.2014 kl. 15:15


trying to kill my tummy bug with some fresh air (-10 degrees).

in a couple of weeks i will be flying towards the equator.

a slow walk in eskimo clothes in this winter wonderland wasn't too bad ;)

16.01.2014 kl. 18:18


what a lovely term. i might turn it into my religion?

i had a busy last week, but i am glad that i ran to the train to make it to the last days of don't shoot the messenger at the design museum. 
14.01.2014 kl. 14:14

be the producer of your life

stepping on thoughts at the design museum.

my answer is no. photoshop can't fix the world, but it can help to knit the mesh of your life into something beautiful.
13.01.2014 kl. 20:50

my dream room

like a chameleon. the wall changes pattern according to the colour of the light.

12.01.2014 kl. 22:21

soft start

alarm clock ringing at 4:45.
a nice "recovery" after the holidays.

i shoot this for an article that never needed to be written.
cygnaeus was a lovely old school and i felt like becoming a small student again! 
... i might regret it on monday morning ;)

after a short training i almost fell asleep in the shower, but luckily i had a relaxing and delicious evening in front of me. 

my old highschool gang (-mahanta) had a great chat at fafa's.

nice to have the fresh law graduate from england back.

this close friend is studying in the same kingdom, but she returns next week. our forth "member" flew already to london on sunday.

yes sabina, falafels are actually great! 

i had never tried real ones, only avoided the gooey wannabees that they serve at unicafé when the veggie food run out.

10.01.2014 kl. 21:11


after a great epiphany dinner i (sort of) accepted that the holidays are over and "moved" back to tölö.

my amaryllis had jumped off the windowsill.
fine - i get it! christmas really is passé.

but it got replaced by a fresh orchid from a photo friend.
it triggers the thai fever!

photo editing, basso radio, buying yoga shorts, dentist and exotic smoothies = calm tuesday chill.

08.01.2014 kl. 14:14

fireworks in drumsö

02.01.2014 kl. 21:21

dear santa,

 i have been hard-working and warmhearted, and for the moment i love jewellery.

hugs // stella

content childhood friends on our way from kaivarin kanuuna.
22.12.2013 kl. 06:06

dark as in a sack

welcome to helsinki during the darkest day of the year!

at least we see the cosy chrismas lights, but thank good we now move towards brighter times!

today's saldo:
christmas candies * 3
gingerbread spiced granola
dried apple rings
= a day made for cooking

21.12.2013 kl. 15:15

season of shopaholicism

strolling in the city with no stress about gifts. santa takes care of them, right?

no, actually bought/made almost all before december and now i even have too much. but my beloved really deserve a big and concrete thank you. 

so this afternoon i could watch life on the christmas streets rather being ran over by materialistic maniacs in the malls.

i don't miss headache from crazy christmas carols and bruises by sharp elbows.

i saw my brother's favourite dog * 3 on my way to the nice fisherman. i drooled like one of them outside artek.

is it hard to guess what i wish for? 
a petite μ stool!
22.12.2013 kl. 17:17

the perfect lunch tradition

last year me and ina ended the autumn's cheap food at uni with a christmas lunch at my favourite restaurant zucchini.

inoubliable, so i called already a week ago to ask for this year's date ;)

and i got two hungry dates: ina and stella!

everything is fresh, homemade, veggie, wellspiced and delicious.

20.12.2013 kl. 21:21

breakfast buddies

i woke up hungry and made us a satsuma & sharon salad with ginger.

luna soon joined and cooked christmas porridge with plum or apple jam, i took both ;)

this was our view from the breakfast table.

slow poetry before a short slippery sunshine run along the river.

buddies chatting and sweating together, like in the old days <3

19.12.2013 kl. 22:22

la lune & luna

one of my best friends has lived in åbo for 2,5 years and i haven't visited her - until now

but better late than never.
our early evening turned into a
late night show with petite μ and luna

in the moonlight ...

i lived high up at luna's, but also visited my summer friend frida's cosy christmas home.
candles & coregonus lavaretus.

19.12.2013 kl. 13:13

united uni friends

my lussecats ended up in these peoples tummies.

sem is chewing with severe concentration.

et voilà!.. we did not run out of energy. 

tears, hugs, and laughter. most of my class mates flew back home and left me here in the wet darkness.

i will certainly let these girls guide me around if (no, when!) i ever go to munich.


18.12.2013 kl. 21:33

lucky day

i totally forgot it was friday 13th. we had such a good afternoon with ina.

lunch and design market at the academy of fine arts. the most personal and interesting christmas market so far ... i could not resist buying myself a couple of crazy christmas gifts.getting dark already at 4 pm, but that's why we have lucia.


15.12.2013 kl. 16:16

a plate for sharing

this season is for sharing good mood
and good food from this smart plate.


i like the sleek, minimalistic design with the funny twist. i spotted the plate again at ornamo's.

does someone want to join me to korjaamo's market during the weekend?

12.12.2013 kl. 08:08

2nd advent

christmas bazaar at johan & nyström, raw pizza, tomasmarknaden and gäddvik.

09.12.2013 kl. 17:17

11 parties

some foreign reporters continued to a posh release party. a collective called 11 makes brave crisis photoreportages of today.

feeling good in my new 2nd hand golden handbag from södermalm and a fresh haircut.  


08.12.2013 kl. 22:22

enjoying the southern stratosphere of sthlm

in södermalm the other day:

i shouted what a feeling
and guess what smart sofia answered
i agree, look up at the sign ;)

the last photo is for my little brother. he is one of them and owns more guitars than he could carry.
03.12.2013 kl. 07:07

i am a gold tooth

södermalm seemed full of exiting shops and galleries. we found some gold teeth to hug called ulrika!

here we stumpled upon an anniversary exhibition with all the artists who have ever exhibited.

we felt lucky.
02.12.2013 kl. 20:55

sunset over södermalm

03.12.2013 kl. 17:17

estetik ändå ut i fingerspetsarna

fotografiska hosts the best still photos of the city and has the best real life panorama.

luna the baker: here's a challenge for you! bake beautiful buns like these, but maybe with a saffron twist for christmas ;) ?
and räksmörgåsar à la rafsan! my friend always orders these shrimp sandwiches when we go to sweden.

but she wasn't with us this time, so we just window shopped at the fotografiska panorama bistro.
seems like their food is as aesthetic as the exhibitions.

no worries, this was my last post from the fantastic photo museum in sthlm.

02.12.2013 kl. 07:07

vill man vara fin så får man lida pin

the first picture is called suffer, and on the second one the model is transparent.

maybe it means that perfectionism is only a mirage, or that rare beauty is reached only through sufferage?

too much thinking or too much paolo?

i had the best company, but they needed a rest ;).

30.11.2013 kl. 21:21

finally 21


because now i can use my gift card for a stockholm cruise! it was a close call since thursday is the last day to use it and you have to be 21 to travel without a parent ...

so me, ina and sofia took a break off and are now heading towards visual and bohemic adventures in the sthlm. in principle i hate cruises, but let this change my mind ;).

here is some reading while you wait. pages 20-21.

for once i was not the journalist. and even better, i got to talk about petite μ.


27.11.2013 kl. 06:06

wrapping up the gifts


culinary literature from my no1 lady and a petite μ pendant from me and made by me ;)

22.11.2013 kl. 21:21

raw rhubarb rarity

i know we should follow the seasons, and i usually do. but yesterday's temptation was too big: a spring favourite a half year offseason. i bought it and felt like a princess.

raw rhubarb cake at a popup yoga café. umami.

sweet & sour and not very soft - a bit like me then? 

this might give me inspiration for my birthday cake ;)

19.11.2013 kl. 19:19

captures through

l i l l a   m y  's 
lunettes de soleil

journalism student
radio reporter
amateur photographer

hot yoga
body combat

satsuma, sharon, smultron
raw goodies

blue-eyed ideologist.

home is where the <3 is
now helsingfors.

btw, i love comments ;)



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