instagram = irritation or inspiration?

i was against instagram ever since it started. to post retro images with light leak effects felt like cheezy cheating. i did the real thing with my plastic film camera diana

but i haven't played with her since i became petitemu. developing films is expensive nowadays and i got thrilled by the speed and easiness of shooting only digital.

my new yellow aquaintance constantly blipped about an awesome app called instagram
fine then. jepardqvist is in the house!

consious cycling.


better than b&j.

am i throwing out an old toy for the new mainstream one?

i hope not.
diana will always be my number 1 and is great company at summer parties for example.

11.04.2014 kl. 20:58



3 (ugly) blondes training for the snorkling tour.

photoshoot on a catamaran.
the model smiled at me - the stupid farang who tried to capture him ;).

we also met some less pleasant creatures.

my aunt got a bad scratch by a cat who probably carried rabies.

and mr snake was visiting the neighbours when i passed by.

i also walked by a yoga class in the nearby studio. 

did neither dare to try thai yoga nor these angry birds sushis.

04.03.2014 kl. 04:04

morning maria

me and maria started at 7 am with "boba" yoga and continued for a calm breakfast at torre's

after school i waited for mom at superdry's sales.

i've always longed for a vest, but how and when do you use ut?
i've got no clue ... my fingers would probably fall off ;)

why so serious?
maybe because the next moment i left my phone for a "sleepover" at a café ...

19.01.2014 kl. 22:57

breakfast buddies

i woke up hungry and made us a satsuma & sharon salad with ginger.

luna soon joined and cooked christmas porridge with plum or apple jam, i took both ;)

this was our view from the breakfast table.

slow poetry before a short slippery sunshine run along the river.

buddies chatting and sweating together, like in the old days <3

19.12.2013 kl. 22:22

(new) blue shoes and happiness

have you read the book with the same title? warm and entertaining.

these turqouises were screaming for me: the colour combination, one of few pairs left, on my to-buy list and now -40%


yoga yesterday, strenght today.
i felt like super(wo)man.


14.12.2013 kl. 15:15

hello me

intellect can be dangerous in a hurry. to stop, think and question the current situation. 

what if we struggle for no reason?
i wear eye patches and keep going on, like a donkey.

stubborn and stupid.

even sleepless nights can be beneficial.
they force us to ponder about goals, prioritizations and life content. why overload yourself with work, earn to much and be dissatisfied?

no worries, there will always be others who try to keep you busy. so no need to take care of that task. 

i found a source of inspiration. we share some interests and i admire her mature yet playful spirit.

i will not attempt to follow her route, but to find my one. it requires balance.

we all have 24 hours. it is a matter of prioritization.


19.11.2013 kl. 11:11


in the heart of helsinki there is an oasis.

train, breath, relax in yoga asanas and wonder why people are rushing like ants at the shopping street beneath.

pop by, choose class and pay according to your conscience and wallet.

a mirage? no, a dream come true ...

i have not tried yet, but i will. when this hamster wheel of work finally stops spinning.

at least yoga på svenska and friday yoga for singles ;)

18.11.2013 kl. 18:18

wednesday wine

i was stressing like a ... hamster in its running wheel?

but then a hot yoga studio full of happy sweaty yogis saved my veins from popping ;). thanks to one of my two favourite instructors kirsi tikka. my other lovely yoga monkey is tiina mankki.

so i slowly left the gym relaxed and content.

then i saw an sms: come a join us!
why not?

chilled with these smilefaces.
their cultivated glasses of white wine made me hide my pink water bottle under the table ;)

or maybe not so cultivated after all?

<3 my spiderpig

16.10.2013 kl. 22:30

we sportsladies like it raw

african guest lecturers, sweaty workout and a raw cake course = a fruitful day.

this is the masterpiece we created.


thanks to sportslady it is official: my career as a raw cake baker can start.



15.10.2013 kl. 21:51


is it so wrong?

when i finally decide to "invest" in something totally shallow like clothes or a cool earring it actually makes me content.

especially if i know it's unique, vintage, eco-friendly or good quality.

like these sweet jewellery handmade by a laughing lady.

i mainly shop twice a year - during the sales. then i hunt for forgotten pearls in boutiques that i couldn't normally afford.

mutual happiness.
they get rid of their goods and i'm the one getting them ;)

isn't it false to whine about chains invading the city if you don't support local business yourself? 

i recommend the helsinki design district for some cool finnish creations.

but don't shop until you drop.

i like to choose my target destinations and return with one purchase.
sports equipment make my literally hop of joy. it's like getting toys as a kid!

sore feet, hunger and bags filled with already forgotten goods will most likely lead to regression.


14.10.2013 kl. 16:00

69: yoga & yobot

relaxing hot yoga gave me fresh perspectives on the neighbourhood architecture.

i started writing an article, but just "had to" interrupt to provide company for a friend all alone in tölö

she had bought a bag bigger than herself full of puzzles. guess i got infected by her playfulness on my way home.


11.09.2013 kl. 20:06

64: yes, i'm a morning person

getting up at 6am by free will is not easy i admit, but why snore in bed when you can gaze over a slumbering city from cool yoga asanas
i was almost disgustingly efficient this morning. trained and fresh i strolled to school to eat my ready-made breakfast and do home work - before my uni day from 10 - 17.

art is where you least expect it to be, but only if you seize the day and keep your eyes open. one good thing with not being able to bike ...

dad luckily solved my serious withdrawal symptoms by learning how to fix my dear bike.

i followed him out on the country side ... well espoo to chill with the family and the neighbour's dog.

coco melts my heart like ... coconut ice cream? 

too adorable for a watch dog. we mingle in peace.

06.09.2013 kl. 15:15

46: three f:s

hot flow yoga, experimental food and a good friend

gazing over urban skies from the yoga studio

while practising the dog's pose

then fueling up at the restaurant day!

this man was almost irresistible - but no dessert before main course ;)

here they served real fast food. like watching an action movie in fast forward mode.
whether we talk movies or food - i prefer the slow french style

these bakers were as sweet as their pastry! 

- mmm, says sabina, but the winner was the sallad with fried lichen


18.08.2013 kl. 22:22

36: before and after kayak safari

picnic with soul sister

boat watch with 3 men

10.08.2013 kl. 00:06

18: royal rollerskating

sweating along the king's road in Snappertuna

22.07.2013 kl. 21:53

17: tall ships and photo yoga

22.07.2013 kl. 21:37

captures through

l i l l a   m y  's 
lunettes de soleil

journalism student
radio reporter
amateur photographer

hot yoga
body combat

satsuma, sharon, smultron
raw goodies

blue-eyed ideologist.

home is where the <3 is
now helsingfors.

btw, i love comments ;)



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