lucky day

i totally forgot it was friday 13th. we had such a good afternoon with ina.

lunch and design market at the academy of fine arts. the most personal and interesting christmas market so far ... i could not resist buying myself a couple of crazy christmas gifts.getting dark already at 4 pm, but that's why we have lucia.


15.12.2013 kl. 16:16

(new) blue shoes and happiness

have you read the book with the same title? warm and entertaining.

these turqouises were screaming for me: the colour combination, one of few pairs left, on my to-buy list and now -40%


yoga yesterday, strenght today.
i felt like super(wo)man.


14.12.2013 kl. 15:15

sankta lucia

i was lucia in playschool and in elementary school, but i secretely desire to be her again.
yes, it is impossible, but not in my blog ;)

i can't sing, i am too short and not as good as a saint. but this is my attempt to wish you a lovely lucia!

i will celebrate the day with ina: artsy christmas market, mulled wine at school and finland's lucia at the senate square. 

i hope i will find time to bake lussekatter this weekend.

13.12.2013 kl. 06:06

a plate for sharing

this season is for sharing good mood
and good food from this smart plate.


i like the sleek, minimalistic design with the funny twist. i spotted the plate again at ornamo's.

does someone want to join me to korjaamo's market during the weekend?

12.12.2013 kl. 08:08

farewell foreign reporters

this week will end with a farewell party for my class mates. they return back home for christmas, but it has been a pleasure to study and spend time with you <3

at the photojournalism release party.

11.12.2013 kl. 19:19

counting moomies

the best birthday card from a best friend makes me smile every morning.

a mumindalen christmas calendar in mini format, perfect for petite μ.

10.12.2013 kl. 18:37

2nd advent

christmas bazaar at johan & nyström, raw pizza, tomasmarknaden and gäddvik.

09.12.2013 kl. 17:17

feeling independent

waking up to finlandia and vårt land
turning my kitchen into a bakery
design christmas market near the senate square
new body combat programme with cool company
arriving to gäddvik at the blue hour
dinner with family friends

= independency at it's best

08.12.2013 kl. 14:23

11 parties

some foreign reporters continued to a posh release party. a collective called 11 makes brave crisis photoreportages of today.

feeling good in my new 2nd hand golden handbag from södermalm and a fresh haircut.  


08.12.2013 kl. 22:22

tomtenissar i tölö

i invited some foreign reporting friends to celebrate christmas.

what magic potion has she made? 
= green christmas tea with an spicy edge.

joy becomes best with a little lack of clarity.

the same applies for journalism: you cannot foretell events, so why try?
07.12.2013 kl. 23:09

where to focus?

here and now.

it was a great christmas concert in the finlandia building with bo kasper's feat. frida andersson.

05.12.2013 kl. 19:19

sequins and party lights

the guests left, but the party mood continues.

04.12.2013 kl. 22:22

chez petite μ

finally inviting relatives for birthday dinner.

beetroot soup with lentils, orange blossom cupcakes with cashew cream.

and of course my favourite: the yellow mushy saffron cake.

c'est la cuisine d'une petite μ.

my god son seemed to like it!


04.12.2013 kl. 18:18

enjoying the southern stratosphere of sthlm

in södermalm the other day:

i shouted what a feeling
and guess what smart sofia answered
i agree, look up at the sign ;)

the last photo is for my little brother. he is one of them and owns more guitars than he could carry.
03.12.2013 kl. 07:07

i am a gold tooth

södermalm seemed full of exiting shops and galleries. we found some gold teeth to hug called ulrika!

here we stumpled upon an anniversary exhibition with all the artists who have ever exhibited.

we felt lucky.
02.12.2013 kl. 20:55

ratata's autumn list

nice to fill in this list when we are already counting days until christmas ;)

describe your autumn in 3 words:

trapped in time optimism

what’s the best/worst with autumn?

the summer leaves but there are autumn leaves ;) … and birthday candles!

how do you make the autumn comfortable?

i eat according to the season, meet up with friends and family and jump around in my onepiece.

3 hot autumn tips:

1) photograph your daily life
2) participate in a potluck
3) celebrate all possible holidays: halloween, the swedish day, the day of the cinnamon bun, vegan day, father’s day, namedays, thanksgiving …
and a 4th) read tove jansson’s late in november!

what do you wear this autumn?

rubber boots in silver, new jeans, unpaired earrings, a skull ring, a neon yellow knitwear and a light gray knitted scarf.

have the studies and work given any insights?

oh yes. to not try out … with your schedule.
on the other hand i love what i do: first working trip abroad, studies with a foreign group of aspiring journalists, and more professional photography than ever <3

on the to-do list:

celebrate christmas, plan my first own photo exhibition and relax.

tips for treating autumn depression?

face it fiercly and ask for trick or treat (not only during halloween). with the right attitude everything is possible to conquer.

the best music for moody days?

i bought some urban ears and listen to the radio wherever i go.

which series do you recommend? or a movie that’s worth watching?

i am totally lost when it comes to tv and own none, but will watch this new photo series with my parents. and i would love to be someone’s date for the movies, a arty french one or the hobbit.

which blogs do you read at the moment?

i flick through many, but janccu is a must, nanna is a colleague, friend and blogging newcomer and karina is one of my crazy talented photo artist friends.

the best autumn meal?
pumpkin soup with lentils, green latte and beetroot bread with a lot of hummus.

where do you prefer to spend your weekend?

i usually start with a slow saturday at home, but end up at my lovely family’s place.

do you have any travel plans for the future?
this autumn i spent a week in estonia doing a photo reportage and got a free cruise to sthlm from a friend.

next up is a christmas trip chez luna & co. in åbo and in february we fly to my aunt in thailand :D

how do you prepare for winter?

i keep me warm, well-nourished and long for christmas.

04.12.2013 kl. 06:06

sunset over södermalm

03.12.2013 kl. 17:17

estetik ändå ut i fingerspetsarna

fotografiska hosts the best still photos of the city and has the best real life panorama.

luna the baker: here's a challenge for you! bake beautiful buns like these, but maybe with a saffron twist for christmas ;) ?
and räksmörgåsar à la rafsan! my friend always orders these shrimp sandwiches when we go to sweden.

but she wasn't with us this time, so we just window shopped at the fotografiska panorama bistro.
seems like their food is as aesthetic as the exhibitions.

no worries, this was my last post from the fantastic photo museum in sthlm.

02.12.2013 kl. 07:07

occupy ruka

sofia is literally going to inta ruka (inta is to occupy in swedish and ruka is a ski center in northern finland). she will celebrate christmas there ;)

this ruka is however a photographer from latvia.

real humans and their handwritten stories.

the woman on the last picture is scaringly alike 2 people i know.
tyska j, do you agree?

01.12.2013 kl. 08:08

ina the viking

fresh air before big breakfast buffet at the viking boat.

29.11.2013 kl. 21:21

vill man vara fin så får man lida pin

the first picture is called suffer, and on the second one the model is transparent.

maybe it means that perfectionism is only a mirage, or that rare beauty is reached only through sufferage?

too much thinking or too much paolo?

i had the best company, but they needed a rest ;).

30.11.2013 kl. 21:21

poetic paolo polaroids

impossible to visit stockholm without fotografiska. especially if someone like paolo roversi is sharing his polaroids. 

this is the gaze of a goddess

and here is my little goddess in the snowstorm of paris

30.11.2013 kl. 11:11

a photographer's heaven

29.11.2013 kl. 16:35

finally 21


because now i can use my gift card for a stockholm cruise! it was a close call since thursday is the last day to use it and you have to be 21 to travel without a parent ...

so me, ina and sofia took a break off and are now heading towards visual and bohemic adventures in the sthlm. in principle i hate cruises, but let this change my mind ;).

here is some reading while you wait. pages 20-21.

for once i was not the journalist. and even better, i got to talk about petite μ.


27.11.2013 kl. 06:06

artificial legs, living xmas decorations and cookie monsters

i popped by the international photography evening. adults played with light sabers and did crazy experiments with the kitchen knife ...

there were more legs made of carbon (tripods) than real human legs.

some models were bribed with cookies to dress up as christmas decorations.


26.11.2013 kl. 17:17

wrapping up volume 2

i finally slept until morning (!) after a great day and night. what's even better was to have some gifts unwrapped ;)

these were from very special friends, who know me better than i do <3



thanks luna, i will.

25.11.2013 kl. 21:21

wild birthday cats

with raw energy in the tummies birthday cats were ready to invade otnäs. first mulled wine at ina's, then fest N at TF.

celebrating 2 birthdays in 1 doubles the fun!

25.11.2013 kl. 08:08

buddies who brunch

me and ina chose to celebrate it big.
we began with birthday brunch in tölö with persimmon cake (my raw cake premiere), zucchinibread, superred christmas sallad, 2 kinds of hummus, green chai latte ...

laura was one of the eight girls who chilled in my kitchen.

24.11.2013 kl. 19:04

collection of cards

i <3 design and visual art, but not as much as i <3 people. 

therefore, i collect postcards, contact cards and (of course) photography.


23.11.2013 kl. 18:18

birthday breakfast


22.11.2013 kl. 17:17

wrapping up the gifts


culinary literature from my no1 lady and a petite μ pendant from me and made by me ;)

22.11.2013 kl. 21:21

happy birthday to me!

mom came all the way to tölö to celebrate me. she knocked on my door at 7 am.

but i didn't sleep when she surprised me. 

surrounded by candles and music i prepared for my party on saturday and ate an early morning lussekatt (saffron bun) with a strong cup of matcha.

22.11.2013 kl. 14:11

chewing on a mini motivation carrot

a piece of brightness flew in through the mail slot the other day to lighten up my grey november mood.

it is the ratata calendar which you can - no should, purchase here. i'm involved but still very proud of our blog sites good eye for words and art.

i found my page! maybe i'm doing something well after all? 

i could not wait for my birthday to open it.
to finally be able to chill and meet with friends and family has kept me going for a while, but i thought the carrot was a bit far away, so i ate this mini one to keep up the motivation!

21.11.2013 kl. 19:08

raw rhubarb rarity

i know we should follow the seasons, and i usually do. but yesterday's temptation was too big: a spring favourite a half year offseason. i bought it and felt like a princess.

raw rhubarb cake at a popup yoga café. umami.

sweet & sour and not very soft - a bit like me then? 

this might give me inspiration for my birthday cake ;)

19.11.2013 kl. 19:19


not breakfast, but a fast lunch break at the restaurant day

sofia and her friend sara (on the picture) waited for some authentic blinis in the cool november breeze.

i also found my classmate busy selling goodies and blueberry mulled wine.

in the same parc there was a huge pot vehicle. fresh herbs and fuel to spice to stew.

eat finland as a side dish!

there were more nationalistic pancakes.everyting tastes better with a flag, don't you think? 
i agree with this eager pancake eater.


17.11.2013 kl. 20:20

hello me

intellect can be dangerous in a hurry. to stop, think and question the current situation. 

what if we struggle for no reason?
i wear eye patches and keep going on, like a donkey.

stubborn and stupid.

even sleepless nights can be beneficial.
they force us to ponder about goals, prioritizations and life content. why overload yourself with work, earn to much and be dissatisfied?

no worries, there will always be others who try to keep you busy. so no need to take care of that task. 

i found a source of inspiration. we share some interests and i admire her mature yet playful spirit.

i will not attempt to follow her route, but to find my one. it requires balance.

we all have 24 hours. it is a matter of prioritization.


19.11.2013 kl. 11:11


in the heart of helsinki there is an oasis.

train, breath, relax in yoga asanas and wonder why people are rushing like ants at the shopping street beneath.

pop by, choose class and pay according to your conscience and wallet.

a mirage? no, a dream come true ...

i have not tried yet, but i will. when this hamster wheel of work finally stops spinning.

at least yoga på svenska and friday yoga for singles ;)

18.11.2013 kl. 18:18

spirit of the glass


the spirit of matilda is beautiful and kind, but not all spirits are ;)

i know it isn't halloween anymore, but with the wailing wind outside in the darkness ... this favourite suits the mood so well!

the more silly skeletons the merrier ;)


16.11.2013 kl. 20:53

a letter to sandman

dear sandman,

why are you leaving me even before the early birds wake up? singing myself asleep does not work, and i am tired.
sorry to say, but tonight i will not accept any ignorance from your side.
i will come after you!

remember, you are not dealing with anybody. in petite μ emotions get concentrated.

a warning: the taste of anger is sour with a bittersweet edge. best served burning hot with cayenne pepper or ice cool with a kumquat.

best regards.

16.11.2013 kl. 19:55


15.11.2013 kl. 19:19

nyfiken på tölöviken

these were talking a bath outside the opera, so i bet they were curious in exploring the real swan lake for once.

they might be sick and tired of performing that ballet show. 

14.11.2013 kl. 17:17


my hoods are full of traffic. i am not to blame for the cars pooing poisons that kill polar bears since i use collective vehicles.
but i am to blame for risky moments when i run like a maniac towards red lights to catch them ;)
13.11.2013 kl. 20:20


my neighbour stood sadly in the stairway when i came home in the storm.
her keys were down in the elevator shaft.

so i fished them up using the handle of my mop (which ironically broke as well) and my headlamp.

this morning i got up with a smile.
guess i was her hero ;) ?

on my hallway mat lay some estonian energy for the "effort" and a card with a picture of ... me?
cats are the best fishermen aren't they ;)

13.11.2013 kl. 09:50

magnus the model

modelling is not a piece of cake.  
but magnus got on fire - almost literally!

he sat like in the sauna, but said:
- it's actually quite comfortable!

we had to switch off the studio light when it fumed and there was a smell of smoked magnus.


11.11.2013 kl. 19:19

faces of photographers

these people usually hide behind the lenses

we had a studio workshop. i focused on faces as a kickstart for a new photographic phase.

teacher ludde, mom and peter:




11.11.2013 kl. 06:06

hurray it's father's day

fathers are like streams
they follow and guide us on our life paths. even through snow and ice.


fathers are like trees
they grow wiser
provide us with nutrition and a healthy atmosphere
know when it is time to save and bloom
bring us out closer to nature and down to earth
are biological
remind us about our roots.

10.11.2013 kl. 07:07

leaves leave

luxiorious to live 5 minutes from the sibelius monument. it is always fun to go tourist watching there and howl in the pipes.

09.11.2013 kl. 09:09

trees are poems

i liked the exhibition in the sinebrychoff museum. it's worth a visit.

i you need company i could join for a second watch. mom and i saw it during summer.

today we relaxed after a tough week with sushi, photography, tea and dark chocolate in tölö. she is the most caring mother you can imagine, but still chill as friends <3

08.11.2013 kl. 11:11

holes for howling owls

underneath the owl's branch
where to find mice
for a proper owl's brunch

07.11.2013 kl. 16:00


15.11.2013 kl. 23:42

svenska natten

svenska dagen lider mot sitt slut, men lämnar efter sig ett vackert minne

jag släpade mig tillbaka hem till stressen.
när huvudet hängde som tyngst fick vattenpölen mig att le och lyfta på hakan. 
där sken solen som inte har tittat fram på ett tag.

idag fladdrade flaggan festen till ära, men också vanliga vardagar är vackra.
inte alltid på det konventionella sättet, men alldeles säkert gömmer sig små stjärngnistor också i mossbeklädda tråkfulgrådaskiga novemberdagar. 

jag utmanar er att finna fina finurligheter under finlands kanske fisigaste månad!

som liten var det årets höjdpunkt. det hade knappast att göra med att jag fyller sent i november och råkar kallas lilla my ;)

06.11.2013 kl. 23:20

jag anar ugglor i mossen

svenska dagen till ära hälsar jag er goddag på mitt modersmål. jag har verkligen haft fullt upp på skol- och jobbfronten, men träffade på en ny granne på väg hem från lunchen.

hej på dej hökuggla!

här är en hemsk uggelhistoria som slutade lyckligt.
också den här krabaten var en hökuggla utan självbevarelsedrift.

lite lik mig kanske ;) ?
06.11.2013 kl. 15:06

c u l8r

i am not going to see this dear tower from a close distance for a close future. november is full of school duties, freelance work and birthday parties. 


06.11.2013 kl. 06:06

freaky friday

... with the family.

our halloween dinner: my spicy salad with blue witch hair noodles and mum's vegetarian harvest pie and orange blood, ghost and spider muffins


05.11.2013 kl. 15:15

the last pumpkin

this was my masterpiece, as maniac as it's artist ;)

giorgia happened to pop in too. it was her boyfriend who cheated with the pumpkin ;)

bubbly italian giorgia and i have a common friend in paris.


05.11.2013 kl. 05:05

triangle drama

we and the other kids carved pumpkins!

they became so sweet that he fell in love, but his girlfriend just watched from the side.

also the "froyo aunt" dressed up for the evening. she stands beside the young owner.

this girl carved the perfect pumpkin.

04.11.2013 kl. 18:18

halloween happiness

me and laura celebrated halloween at yobot.

04.11.2013 kl. 06:06

no pigsty anymore

i enjoy my home again. i finally got to swipe away the grey concrete dust covering everything after the kitchen catastrophe.

not even the sunrays can spot dust anymore.


03.11.2013 kl. 23:42

thai vibes

honey pomelos were on sales, so i had to try!

i used my new thai fork to add the exotism and celebrate the new kitchen, but the opening ceremony did not continue as well.

i was exited to finally have a stove ... but when i had prepared the meal it was not installed :P.
so i continued surfing on the microvawe.

while mentioning thai, i have to share the news: me and luna are going to visit my aunt who lives in thailand! ... so if anyone hears about cheap flights let me know ;)


31.10.2013 kl. 20:20

while working

i am choosing pictures for the photo reportage and found some irrelevant, but important, moments between the estonian interviews: the lunch breaks.

buckweat casserole with mustard sauce.

31.10.2013 kl. 08:08

cactus throat

stormy hapsal gave me great memories, but also a flu. maybe one of these cactuses hopped from the hapsal home into my troat ;)

31.10.2013 kl. 05:05


i bet black poodles are great, but my favourite is the dalmatian.

so the spontaneous saturday resulted in spontaneous shopping.

30.10.2013 kl. 21:21

black poodles cooking orange pumpkins

beyond the tourist shops and shamefully drunk finnish people tallinn old town is beautifully genuine. 

me and annina visited an old prison to compare today's town with the tiny place it used to be. nowadays the prison hosts the photo museum you see beneath.

tonight tallinn was all about candle light dinners in the many many restaurants i passed by.

i bet annina's pumpkin risotto à la black poodel was awesome!

30.10.2013 kl. 07:07


it was not so bad after all that i had to change plans and remain in town saturday evening. sometimes things are just meant to be.

stressing like a monster ->  happy as a kid.

yesterday's hõõgvein made me long for christmas - in october!

29.10.2013 kl. 17:17

the tallinn treasure

through the window of the café i saw a sign: the photo fair of estonia 25-27.10.
right around the corner!

all the texts were in estonian, but i got some inside information from some of the cool artists.
he was an architect. 

29.10.2013 kl. 10:10

morning mystery

it rained and so did my nose.
on top of that saturday turned out totally different than our plan.

empty questions and worries while working at her appartement.
i turned out i was not going home this day.

the flegmatic outdoor grayness worked well on my nerves. 

i orientated through old town towards lunch at comfortable f-hoone in the arty blocks.

me: i must say you have the coolest hair!

the turquoise waitress: actually you look very cool yourself. i like tiny people. i'm tiny myself.

she convinced me to take another cup of green tea latte. yes - it served a purpose ;)

28.10.2013 kl. 13:13

friday afternoon i tallinn

i found my favourite almond-boy and chilled with swedes in hell hunt with my former ib-class mate. annina is eager to practice swedish nowadays. 

i might be catching a flu ... again!
time to treat the troat with some hot medicine: this season's first hõõgvein!

27.10.2013 kl. 20:20

humans of hapsal

helpful, happy, hard-working and warm-hearted.
27.10.2013 kl. 09:09

memories of multiculturality

i met estonian swedes building a boat near this soviet railway stationthe russian era ended and so did the train traffic
the station is however a landmark that needs needling.

26.10.2013 kl. 20:20

wednesday hapsal waking up

hapsal is the town of turquoise homes and black cats ...

26.10.2013 kl. 13:23


an exclusive tour around the hoods of estonian swedes.
these crosses seemed to hug each other.

eternal love.



25.10.2013 kl. 20:20

2 in 1

camera jogging
my favourite way
to start a day
at a new place.

i am a curious george and love to see more in a shorter time. 

this is not serious training. if there is a bird tower i climb up and enjoy the views. today it was dizzy and stormy at the same time.

exploring the two-faced hapsal:

beach boulevard VS haunted houses.

staring competition. guess who won?

the goast cat!

25.10.2013 kl. 07:07

professional prime time

first time dining alone - especially abroad.

but i must admit it feels quite professional to sit down with loads of papers, a posh camera and to agree on meetings in a funny language by phone.

this was the only open place i finally found, but it turned out to be an arty farty pearl!

24.10.2013 kl. 20:20

paint the world in colours

now the actual reporting has started.
but can't keep my hands of taking some photos just for fun!

on my way to the swedish church in tallinn.
estonia is not gray post-soviet anymore. it's as colurful and helping as the people i met!

and many interviews later in hapsal. quite funny to find this disco fountain all alone between the old picturesque tree houses.

24.10.2013 kl. 08:08

easy landing in estonia

updating without internet is a challenge. this is how we started the week of foreign reporting in estonia.

journalists really like job trips. but the biggest reason behind these smiles was the delicious and cheap lunch they just had.

dani got her duck all wrapped up like on christmas!

i tried buckweat porridge with capers and sundried tomato.
ethnicity is one of our tasks here after all.

23.10.2013 kl. 18:56

cousin celebration

matilda has now lived for a decade and we celebrated her with princess cake

from our family she got "fashion" and from me a very special necklace.


21.10.2013 kl. 09:47

cappuccino goes chai

after carrying the groceries for granny i said hello to close friends living in other parts of the country. cappuccino and luna usually prefer coffee, but i was happy to see them sip afternoon tea instead ;)



20.10.2013 kl. 16:11

cold days need warm company

i had no lectures at uni, so joined my friend's photography class. in the small town she lives there are not many exhibitions, that's what brought them here.

janccu turns 21 and is an idol for me. that's why i made her a silver necklace with the text ...

... photographer! but in swedish.


19.10.2013 kl. 13:13

the people of kamppi

it snowed rain this morning - the worst possible weather.
cold, but just warm enough to be wet.

so even the weirdest of peopl... creatures? moved inside.

om, om, om they sang.

slightly more spiritual than this guy.


i was told as a kid to not be afraid of star wars - it's just a film ... or is it?

18.10.2013 kl. 23:08

guests from venice

the journalists of soc & kom jumped took a ride in the time machine ... and reached old venice.

say hello to the disco goast, ball beauties and the poisonous rat!

it was simon's birthday and lucas took the celebration seriously.

18.10.2013 kl. 15:15

tram time

the nights are cooling beneath zero so guess bike season is soon over for me.


isn't it the ultimate urban life to sip on a morning coffee while waiting for the tram?

17.10.2013 kl. 23:30

wednesday wine

i was stressing like a ... hamster in its running wheel?

but then a hot yoga studio full of happy sweaty yogis saved my veins from popping ;). thanks to one of my two favourite instructors kirsi tikka. my other lovely yoga monkey is tiina mankki.

so i slowly left the gym relaxed and content.

then i saw an sms: come a join us!
why not?

chilled with these smilefaces.
their cultivated glasses of white wine made me hide my pink water bottle under the table ;)

or maybe not so cultivated after all?

<3 my spiderpig

16.10.2013 kl. 22:30

every day is a surprise

i jump off my bike 5:45 and look up. with gloomy eyes i barely see the tower. it just waits for me to turn domestic happenings into radio waves. 

i step inside the news room and hear a baby crying. 
news 1: sleeping baby bit by forest mouse

then i thought i was done for the day, but got struck by the supercell.
news 2: computer game sold to japan for more than a billion €



it is like working at the fun house. you never know what will happen. unfortunately news in this cruel world can not always turn out fun.

16.10.2013 kl. 15:15

we sportsladies like it raw

african guest lecturers, sweaty workout and a raw cake course = a fruitful day.

this is the masterpiece we created.


thanks to sportslady it is official: my career as a raw cake baker can start.



15.10.2013 kl. 21:51


is it so wrong?

when i finally decide to "invest" in something totally shallow like clothes or a cool earring it actually makes me content.

especially if i know it's unique, vintage, eco-friendly or good quality.

like these sweet jewellery handmade by a laughing lady.

i mainly shop twice a year - during the sales. then i hunt for forgotten pearls in boutiques that i couldn't normally afford.

mutual happiness.
they get rid of their goods and i'm the one getting them ;)

isn't it false to whine about chains invading the city if you don't support local business yourself? 

i recommend the helsinki design district for some cool finnish creations.

but don't shop until you drop.

i like to choose my target destinations and return with one purchase.
sports equipment make my literally hop of joy. it's like getting toys as a kid!

sore feet, hunger and bags filled with already forgotten goods will most likely lead to regression.


14.10.2013 kl. 16:00

women with confidence

colourful, brave and happy people carry charisma. these are real madames.
pink hair, tattoos and a boa scarf - a tribute to me with a glass of champagne!

ladies were trying hats everywhere. looking chic don't you think?


i rather watched this girl and her friend imitatating fitness moves rather than followed the real show.  

13.10.2013 kl. 00:17

politics and ego boost

an awesome day at work! 

after interviewing the outgoing development minister i went to portray the i love me fairs.

own intiatives are often welcome, and turn out pretty well, don't you think?

- i want that one, says a little princess.

this is what i want: yoga couture. the crazier colours the better.

i actually received a compliment on my space leggings the other day from a fashion blogging transvestite

body painting is fascinating. i would actually want to try it if i ever got the opportunity.
a journalist at hufvudstadsbladet actually did, but the poor man seemed scared.

12.10.2013 kl. 23:36

never say never

blogging is awesome, although i once said i would never start one ;)

it is a diary that forces me to be alert and creative. but the camera is a heavy clump to carry around every day,  i never survive with just one bag.

after 100 days it is time for a change. i still want to update often and keep the focus on photos, but not necessarily on daily basis. maybe some poetry every now and then? 

what would you like to see and read?
from you i wish loud and frequent commenting.
petite μ likes a good discussion.

please also check out another photo project i just joined:
humans of helsinki

11.10.2013 kl. 11:45

100: celebration time

100 days of photographing and updating in a row. 
maybe a reason to celebrate petite μ with a pair of jeans?

i seldom shop so i just guessed the size. i can tell these weren't the ones i chose. 

so the shop keeper tried to hide a smile and brought some she thought would fit.
real professionalism

what do you guys think, should i become a g-star?

today we also celebrate the finnish literature and my way to honour was to held two big presentations on uganda bilingually.


10.10.2013 kl. 20:20

99: relax & reflect

what happens if you bunch up an international group of aspiring journalists?

deep debates about the cruel media climate. imagine all the people ...

but no food - no brain work. the raw lingonberry cake matches the matcha
maria - the girl with the lingonberry hair

i really like our chill and colourful class of foreign reporting.

09.10.2013 kl. 20:55

98: morning circus & evening quiche

came late to school because of this. who bikes by a free circus? the spotted one looks like pippi longstockings "lilla gubben".


here is my birthday pie for mum: feta-edamame-greencabbage-broccoli-onion. 

happy birthday mum <3

08.10.2013 kl. 21:22

97: dull fall

just an ordinary day. just a gray neighbourhood house.

a common sight, but now dressed in the red ruby robe of autumn.
like the traffic light:

i stop and breath and suddenly remember approaching deadlines

too much to do makes me see red


07.10.2013 kl. 20:34

96: symbiosis

late for a meeting, tried to call my friend who didn't answer. then i realised that the rest of my numbers disappeared = incapacitated.

felt stupid. i am a part of the modern handicapped generation who can't handle phoneless situations.

i stumbled upon a letter which exactly met my obsessed demand. the last part.


a happy ending. i met these giggling veggie burger eating buddies.

our laughters tend to conclude in a colourful big bang! we don't even need to be high on sugar.
they are sweet and crazy enough. just by themselves. the best combination, don't you think?

the same characteristics as what i like about our city. first you see the beautiful architecture and then you spot that someone still (... or already) celebrates christmas with an advent candlestick on the ledge.

sometimes the creative madness is more evident.

took a pause from urban absurdity in good old esbo. we celebrated mum's birthday with a harvest dinner.the city and its suburbs - in symbiosis. luckily i have homes in both.



06.10.2013 kl. 20:06

95: make peace not war

i watched the greenpeace demonstration from a peaceful room, but did not risk worsening my flu in the brisk wind by actually participating.

thought i would help someone somehow anyhow: 

on my way to help granny with the grocery shopping i stumbled upon this cannoon and covered it with daisies.

there was a whole sea of them ... in october? even they seem to gather strong and evergreen for green peace.

go flowerpower!

safe and sound at the grandparents home.  she stood so calm beside the doves. the same colours, the same message.

guess her age?

soon 76 and gorgeous!

i dropped down in their sofa and had a vivant discussion with granddad. he still works as an architect

my ancestors. granny lost her father in the war as a little girl. new generations cannot fully appreciate peace as she does. 

memories preserved in the portrait right by her head. my granddad is much alike his granddad on the portrait above.

05.10.2013 kl. 20:01

94: expectations

handing over one thousand photos to jonna who moves to germany tomorrow. she is as brave, calm and independent as her gaze. and as cool as her shoe laces!

i also have high expectations on a trip this month. scheming for foreign reporting in estonia.

04.10.2013 kl. 19:41

93: stellapellaskidividivinkanstinkan...stella!

such a beautiful day. a pity i could not spend it outdoors in a parc, like these siblings.

got up at 5 am -> radio work -> taxi to uni -> lectures until evening -> home ... with fever again!

then i got an sms: wanna meet at our favourite meeting place in your hoods?

stella really made my day <3suddenly the evening felt magical ...

spot the elderly couple. eternal love and life.

03.10.2013 kl. 20:52

92: a surprise on the doorstep

found a card on my doormat from a trip that ended in august.
dad turned 50, but did he age so much that they forgot my address? 

thanks mum & dad - better late than ever <3

03.10.2013 kl. 05:35

91: our pride

the visit at hesari finished - time for some finnish fish.

most of my classmates in front of the giant pike sculpture outside the music house, where they actually served nordic pike beef for lunch ;)

one summer me and my brother caught so many pikes that fishing became forbidden for a while. dad was tired of gutting and mum of eating and preparing. we had oven pike, fried pike, grilled pike, smoked pike ... ;)

02.10.2013 kl. 22:21

90: peeking through the neighbours windows

first from a polite distance ...

then sneaking in to the church garden ...

and finally right through the window!
she didn't seem to mind though. 

this bottom one is my favourite window in töölö. during the day you could spot kids playing inside. 
01.10.2013 kl. 22:36

captures through

l i l l a   m y  's 
lunettes de soleil

journalism student
radio reporter
amateur photographer

hot yoga
body combat

satsuma, sharon, smultron
raw goodies

blue-eyed ideologist.

home is where the <3 is
now helsingfors.

btw, i love comments ;)



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